iOS 16 Adoption rate looks good but not great

Apple released its iOS 16 version on September 12, 2022. Most Apple users updated their system to the latest version of iOS within a few hours. Although the rate at which iPhone users adopt iOS 16 was actually very high and even higher than the previous iOS version iOS 15 by some minor margin, it is still very far away from the best-performing iOS version of all time.

We all are aware of the craze in people about Apple and its new iOS 16. This craze has made Apple the biggest shareholder in the mobile phone market. Their new products with minor changes always sold out like hot cakes. The case is almost the same for their iOS 16 which has few updates. People began to install it very rapidly as the number of iOS 16 users rose to 6.71% users just in 24 hours. This shows that almost every 2nd person who is an iPhone user and his device is eligible for iOS 16 is doing so. 

Previous Records:

The craze and obsession in people regarding Apple products and their iOS versions are not new at all. Apple has made immense records in the past decades as they are still unbreakable even by Apple. The same happened when Apple launched its iOS 14 version. When it was released in 2020 it almost got a 10% share in the market just in 24 hours. (9.22 % exactly). This record is still unbroken as iOS 15 only got a 6.48% stake on its first day. This might be a signal that Apple’s craze in public is not as much as it was in 2020.

iOS 16 isn’t performing good enough:

 Apple’s iOS 16 is available today for the general audience as it is officially released. Although all iPhone users are upgrading their devices to the newly released iOS 16, it is not as satisfying for Apple as it is far less than previous records set by iOS 14 released in 2020.    

iOS 16 adoption rate recorded by analyzers is 6.71% in the first 24 hours after its official release. It is almost 0.23% higher than iOS 15 which had the first 24-hour adoption rate of only 6.48%. Although it seems that iOS 16 will surpass iOS 14 within a week, the adoption rate is not satisfying for a tech giant like Apple.

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