Samsung Is Reportedly Working On The Tensor 3 Chip For Google Pixel 8

In Google products, not everything is made by Google itself. Sometimes, one of the top five giants has to take help from others. Rumor is revolving that Samsung is manufacturing the chipset i.e Tensor 3 chip for the upcoming Google Pixel 8. However, this is not a rumor anymore because the US tech giant and Korean Tech giant are already in their testing and development process.

Google Pixel: Overview

Google Pixel is a smartphone brand created by Google. The first ever pixel smartphone was launched in the year 3013. Further, the brand line consists of laptops, tablets, and accessories related to it. It runs the operating system of either Chrome OS or Android. Till now Google released 11 versions of pixel smartphones in the market.

Google Pixel 8 News

The last release of Google pixel was Pixel 6 and 6a and it is quite obvious that the next release would be pixel 7 and 7a by the company but that is not the case. The news is already spreading about pixel 8. According to the latest Google Pixel 8 News, the company is collaborating with Samsung in the development of the Tensor 3 chip which will be used in the upcoming Pixel 8, reported by Galaxy Club. It would be a surprise for all because Samsung is one of the allies of Google but now the two tech giants are working together.

google pixel 8 news

Samsung News:

Not so long ago in the month of July Samsung announced manufacturing the world’s first ever 3nm chips. In accordance with Samsung News, “Samsung has expanded quickly as we continue to show leadership in integrating next-generation technologies into manufacturing, including the first High-K Metal Gate in the foundry sector, FinFET, and EUV. With the MBCFETTM, the first 3nm process in history, we want to maintain our position of leadership. We’ll keep up our active innovation in the development of competitive technology and create procedures that hasten the maturation of technology”. Said the President and Head of Foundry Business at Samsung Electronics.

Tensor 3 Chip

It is said that Google first ever used the Teson chip in its pixel 6 models, manufactured by Samsung. Now it will be the third generation of tension chip aka Teson 3 which will be used in pixel 8. According to the reports, the tensor 3 or Tensor 3 Chip set carries the model number S5P9865. Furthermore, the news revealed that it is being tested on a developer board named Rip Current.

Why is Google Using Tensor 3nm Chip for its Smartphone?

  • Can enhance the performance of its smartphones and add unique features.
  • Samsung is the pioneer of the 3nm chipset and there is no second thought that they are the best in manufacturing it now.
  • Improves power efficiency by reducing the supply voltage.
  • Increase the capacity of the driving current.
  • Battery efficient.
  • When compared to nanowire technology, wider channel nanosheets are used.
  • Compared to 5nm chips, 3nm chips reduce power usage which is good for the ecosystem.
  • The chips are made of semiconductors which increases the performance of smartphones and is beneficial for its processor.

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