Youtube is testing a new Navigation Drawer on Android

One of the most used platforms for creating and sharing content. ‘YouTube’ is having a slight change or we can say an innovation to have a grip on its audience to the new youtube new navigation drawer. The official Google News account posted about the update on Telegram. According to recent Youtube updates.

“There used to be a “Explore” button that opened a different page in front of the filter carousel at the top of the home page. A button that opens a side navigation panel has now taken its place, according to a portion of the text”.

Some Previous Youtube updates:

As we all know that the new navigation drawer on Android is not the only modification that YouTube made for its users. In the past, the platform owners introduced many upgraded options for the ease and entertainment of its audience. Let’s have a quick look over it.

  • Separate Page for Shorts:

After noticing the popularity of Tiktok which is a Chinese platform for creating and sharing videos consisting of a few seconds, Youtube shorts were introduced to the market. It was first released in India in September 2020 after the ban on Tiktok. Further in the United Stated and then gradually in other countries too.

  • Looping Music:

It was another interesting and quite useful feature of Youtube. In this feature, the user directly lands on a specific part of the video. One has no need to see the whole video just because of a catchy song stuck in their head. Just click the downward arrow near the caption or title of the video and you will see the additional details related to the video such as channel description, other social media account details of the channel, likes, subscribe, views, etc. Among these one can also see distributions of music that was added in the background of the video.

  • Turn off Inappropriate Comments:

This initiative was taken by platform owners with the increase in the number of inappropriate, spam, and bullying comments on videos as stated by Youtube News. When a video is private or the channel or video is intended for children, comments on YouTube are immediately disabled. In conformity with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), YouTube has installed this method.

  • Live streaming:

However, YouTube hosted its first live event in 2008, to organize events live on YouTube got trendy in the year 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic. The people who were unaware of the term live streaming not only got to know about this feature but also benefited from it. It is simply the function of going live in front of your audience regardless of place and time.

  • Parental Lock:

In the current world, Youtube updates are now accessible to the majority of people, and the majority is based on teens, adolescents, adult men, adult women, old people as well as children too. This feature was introduced by the company so no matter if the gadget is in the hand of your children, they are still far from inappropriate content.

youtube new navigation drawe

Youtube New Navigation Drawer

The app replaced the explore tab with the new navigation drawer on Android. Till now after tapping the navigation drawer one can see six more sub tabs or sub-sections which are:

  • Trending:

After opening the explore section, first, you will see the trending sub-section with a cute pink fire icon on it. As obvious by its name it will show you what is trending in the market of social; media. From shorts to videos, trailers to movies, serious to funny, it will inform you what is trending right now.

  • Music:

Let’s move a little bit in Youtube New Navigation Drawer and you will see the musing block. It will introduce you to the latest music all around the world and upcoming releases. This section is divided into sub-genres of music such as Pop, rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie etcetera.

  • Gaming:

The third one is the gaming section and like music, it will inform you about the new and upcoming games in the market. Not only that, but the panel also consists of videos related to the gaming industry such as game reviews, how-to gaming content, and channels that are based on games and gaming.

  •  News:

The news section is quite fascinating. It will show you the top stories and lives related to your country’s politics. Further for the ease of its users, there are divisions available for instance, sports news, entertainment news, business news, technology news, etc.

  • Sports

As it is obvious from the name this section consists of content related to the sports world for sports lovers. What is in and what is out and all the glimpse related to the planet of sport. Currently, the Youtube New Navigation Drawer feature is only available on
Android. Moreover, Youtube is the most used app by Android owners and the company is sincerely working for their ease of them. In order to improve user experience and make it quicker and easier for viewers to find new and fascinating topics, YouTube is working to completely abolish the “Explore” tab according to Youtube News.

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