Apps like Shiftgig (Jobble, Indeed Flex)

Are you dissatisfied with the results of your typical job search? Then, spend your time more wisely and try an app like SHIFTGIG. They provide on-demand jobs, a far better source of income for the freelance workforce.


With the help of this app, companies may connect with on-demand workers. Service workers can use this site to get temporary jobs. SHIFTGIG was made in Chicago in 2012. Various sectors can hire employees through this app.  

People can browse and find jobs that fit their schedules and skill sets. The company pays its users when they finish their shifts. This app bases its remuneration on how many hours a person reports after finishing work. It provides a timecard that both employees and employers can access. 

Basic Features of SHIFTGIG :

  • Get Employment
  • Accentuate strategic expansion
  • Payments after finishing the shift
  • Offers a timecard


There are other alternative apps of SHIFTGIG, discussed below;

Indeed Flex:

You may discover jobs in the UK on the free recruiting and employment website Indeed Flex. The folks who work on this website can choose where and when they wish to work because of its flexible schedule. Thanks to the website’s instant job access feature, you can immediately receive confirmation of your employment shift. In addition, users can apply for jobs whenever they want because it is accessible around the clock.


This app is for Commerce businesses and helps them to discover employees for their company. You can find nearby hourly workers for your business using this website. People can use this app to get employment based on their talents and abilities. This app allows you to choose from various post-shifts according to your schedule. For submitting their job on time, employees of this app receive a daily salary.


Wonolo is a free business app created by Wonolo Inc. You may quickly and easily find hourly, daily, and part-time employment. Event services, manufacturing, warehouse, retail, food, and beverage are among the industries this app offers opportunities. With the help of this app, users may work wherever and whenever they choose.


It is a free business and commerce app made for people wishing to work as well as for employers. People can hire hourly staff on this app. Workers can choose where and when they wish to work via this. People must log in before using this site to select jobs and hire employees. By entering your email address and password, you may log in to the app. In addition, this app pays you for the entire week’s work.


This app gives you access to both full-time and on-demand employment opportunities. You can use this app to find jobs that match your availability, talents, and abilities. Owners of businesses can use this app to find and hire employees for their operations. Additionally, this website has no complex contracts, up-front fees, or hidden charges.


You can simply access nearby jobs and gigs by using this app. In addition, you can use this app to locate work whenever you want and on your terms. This app offers hourly shifts, full- and part-time jobs, and residential projects. Furthermore, this app provides work across many industries like food service, warehouse, retail, construction, and cleaning.


Jobble is one of the most well-known on-demand gig marketplaces. On Jobble, locating a job is simple. First, create a profile on the Jobble app, which you can download and search for local employment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Criteria for working on SHIFTGIG?

  • You must be at least eighteen.
  • A national of the country
  • You must have work experience in any field.

In which versions is SHIFTGIG available?

This is available on a website as well as iOS and android apps.

When does SHIFTGIG pay its employees?

The payment mechanism is also swift and safe, and their hourly income is typical $25. You can get paid for the shifts you work. Additionally, a person can earn a 1.5 times higher rate than usual for overtime.


This blog provides information regarding SHIFTGIG and the best possible alternative apps for job search. These apps are helpful for companies to find the best talent. This write-up will help you!

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