Stores like Boohoo (Nasty Gal, ASOS)

What is BOOHOO?

It is a British online fashion retailer which was founded in 2006. With more than 36,000 goods, BOOHOO specializes in trendy own-label apparel. The company is expanding quickly, and it has taken over the internet presence and brands of several closed high-street stores. One of the most well-known online retailers is They offer a huge assortment of clothing for everyone and collaboration with celebrities. This UK-Based online store is known for its fast fashion trends. This shopping destination offers some of the hottest trends at some of the most affordable prices, catering to people of all sizes and shapes.

Additionally, BOOHOO provides fantastic bargains and discounts for the entire year. It has been a supplier of New look and Primark, high-end stores. BOOHOO is renowned for its fashionable, stylish clothing, which glamorizes every girl’s closet. 

Products Category: 

If you look at the BOOHOO page, you will see below product categories for both Men and Women. 

Women’s Category: It includes New In, All Clothing, Dresses, Winter/Summer, Christmas, Tops, Shoes, Accessories, Homeware, Shop by fit, and Beauty.

Man Category: It includes New In, All Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Men’s Football Clothing, Men’s Christmas, Plus and Tall, The Man Collection, Shoes, and Accessories.


Many stores, including Boohoo, can still provide fashionable outfits. Check out our stores listed below for what is trending in the fashion world if you want to spice up your wardrobe a little bit.


 It is a US-based apparel company that offers everything from casual wear like track trousers and bodysuits to fancy dresses and bikinis. Users may easily explore the collection thanks to the website’s several parts. Like BOOHOO, it dominates the market for inexpensive shoes, accessories, etc.

Nasty Gal: 

Another US-based apparel company, Nasty Gal, caters to strong young ladies, as the name implies. Established in 2006. Nasty Gal carries everything from spring dresses and casual apparel to custom graphic t-shirts, so it’s no surprise that young girls love it. It provides reasonably priced clothing and generally always has special offers.

Pretty Little Thing: 

BOOHOO owns the UK-based fashion store Pretty Little Things. It specializes in women’s fashion and is affordable for all. This store is one of the largest online fast fashion retailers, releasing hundreds of new items daily in categories ranging from plus-size apparel to shoes, accessories, and loungewear.

Tiger Mist:

 It is a massive online retailer that designs a colorful clothing line for ladies between 18 and 28. The collection includes everything from pop to street style. You can acquire the hottest fashion items online from stores like BOOHOO, thanks to the reasonable prices for all of its clothing.


It competes with BOOHOO in practically every area of fashion. They provide fashionable attire, are reasonably priced, and give fantastic value. The company’s ability to appeal to such a broad audience is due to the variety of its clothing selection. If you need to make an urgent purchase, it is convenient that they offer next-day delivery.

Urban Outfitters: 

Since 1998, they initially opened stores in the UK. Compared to BOOHOO, it is far more specialized in terms of clothing style and caters solely to the hipster trend. Pop culture and retro attire are used in fashion items to transport shoppers back to the 1990s.


You may still find all the newest trends in their web store, like flowery skirts, utility coats, tapered pants, and cut-off jeans. If you frequently purchase at BOOHOO and love ripped jeans, Topman is the store for you. With a wide range of fits and styles, including narrow, slim, spray-on, and many more, it offers denim jeans and always spoiled lovers.


 An American fashion website that is fixated on items with an independent and vintage vibe. It specializes in women’s fashion and offers a very versatile selection of clothing to consumers, dressing ladies of all sizes in vintage dresses, vibrant t-shirts, and anything else that’s unique. All of their products are reasonably priced, exactly like BOOHOO.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BOOHOO available in App?

Yes! It is available in both iOS and Android mobile applications.

Who are BOOHOO’s target customers?

This store targets customers aged between 16 to 30 years, men and women, in terms of providing clothing and accessories.

Why is BOOHOO different?

This store has unique designs, & sells great quality clothes, accessories, and shoes at reasonable prices with sales. 


No Doubt! BOOHOO is one of the hottest places to shop right now for reasonably priced, fashionable clothing. So, if you’re looking for more style ideas, check out these renowned stores like BOOHOO that have been featured above in this blog.

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