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Many individuals are looking for audiobook summaries. In this situation, BLINKIST can be useful. It will provide a fantastic book synopsis in the “blink of an eye.” It is a Germany-based app created in 2012.

The site offers summaries of more than 5,000 best-selling nonfiction books in fifteen-minute reads. There are German and English versions of the book’s summaries available. Users can search through books in 27 categories, including Corporate Culture, Marketing & Sales, Science, Economics, History, Politics, and Communication Skills. In addition, BLINKIST offers both written and audiobook versions of book summaries.

The app will function properly even when offline. You can download it for free. However, there will be a monthly fee if you want all the summaries.


We have some top BLINKIST alternatives as below;


The app has extensive collections of books from various subject areas, including management, history, science, communication skills, economics, and more. Every week, new books are added as well. Its user interface (UI) is really attractive. You can select to read or listen to your favorite summary whenever it’s most convenient. In addition, you would value its carefully crafted videos. The basic features StoryShot are available for free. However, you may sign up for a monthly charge to use the app without adverts and receive more features like offline reading.


Using InstaRead, you can read books right away! It is a book summary app where you can discover a clear synopsis of more than 800 books. In addition to professionally authored titles, it also offers articles from The New York Times Magazine. The app also provides original content about significant issues and famous persons. Although this app is not free, you can try it out for a seven-day trial.


More than 20,000 nonfiction books are presented in the app. Compared to BLINKIST‘s 15 minutes, the summaries are rather simple and take at most 10 minutes to read. Over 350 categories are included. English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian is among the many languages that it supports. Students are given a free year. You can acquire a three-day trial even if you are not a student.

Snap Reads:

Numerous books in every category are available on it, including sci-fiction, nonfiction, stories, economics, space, inspirational, self-help, etc. Additionally, the app provides quick summaries that may be read in under 15 minutes. The app is, however, rather costly.


It’s a fantastic substitute for BLINKIST and has an intuitive user interface. It offers summaries for over 700 books. In addition, the software has offline functionality, allowing you to save your favorite books to read later.


It is a one-stop app for teachers and students which features a sizable selection of educational tools and literature study aids. In addition, you would appreciate browsing the library’s biographies, articles, useful lesson ideas, and more. The service’s free edition provides only a brief overview of an article. However, you will need to pay monthly if you want to exceed.


This app is primarily targeted at educators. This is an excellent stop for teachers looking for reputable literature on various subjects. There are hundreds of digital books in this library, built by the makers of the Age of Learning. Teachers can build profiles for their students with a free account they receive.


Athena saves time researching what you should read on a topic by compiling lists of the greatest books on particular themes and summarizes each book to make it clear and simple to understand. The app tracks your progress and provides text and audio versions of every book. There is a 7-day free trial and a monthly fee for the app.


It focuses more on creating positive habits and incorporating them into daily life. You can speak with professionals who can guide you in creating life-altering behaviors. Additionally, there are numerous books on self-improvement available.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the BLINKIST monthly fee?

The cost per month is $12.99. However, you save 50% per month if you choose the annual plan.

Can I get the BLINKIST premium for free?

By utilizing the automatically created coupon code, you can get Blinkist Premium for no cost for six months.

In which versions is BLINKIST available?

It is available on the web as well as in mobile apps for iOS and Android.


In this blog, we have tried our best to provide you with a guide on more APPS LIKE BLINKIST. You now have a wide selection of the top apps similar to BLINKIST. Pick the option that will let you read more while taking up the least amount of time!

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