Google Calendar will now help your Colleagues find you in a building

In the past, the simplest works of our life were done manually. Such as taking notes, setting up an alarm clock for school/college/office, and noting down best friends’ birthdays in our dear diary. However, things changed with the passage of time. Now, most of the manual work is done by smartphones. All you have to do is to install a relevant app such as Google Calendar.

According to Google Calender news 2022, the most commonly used calendar app got a new feature from the Company. In accordance with the recent update to the calendar app, now it makes it possible for people to pinpoint your location. Even if you are working in an office or campus with multiple buildings.
Before moving towards the Google Calender new update, let some dig out about the most used calendar app and what features they offer to their users.

Google Calendar: Overview

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service created by Google. It was made accessible in the beta version on April 13, 2006. And as a mobile app for the Android and iOS operating systems in July 2009 as believed by the Google Calendar update. Kevin Fox created the initial Google Calendar user interface. With remarkable support for both Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCloud calendars, Google Calendar enables users to import events from other calendar programs.

Google Calender news 2022

Features Offered by Google Calendar

  • Event Manager: Users can add and edit events on Google Calendar.
  • Event Reminder: Events can have reminders enabled, with options available for the kind and timing of the event.
  • Event Location: The event location option is also available through which users can also send invitations to the people of their choice.
  • No Need for Money: It is completely free of cost.
  • Customize and Alternative View: Users can alter the display as well as flip between several perspectives (month, week, day, and schedule).
  • Connectivity: Every event is automatically saved online and connected to your Google account, for instance (Christmas Day, Halloween, Easter, etc.).
  • Browser facility: The service can also be accessed via a browser. You only need to sign in using your Google account to get started.
  • Up-to-date: In addition, it displays birthday cards annually and for Holidays, it gets information from a country-specific calendar that lists dates of notable occasions. The app gets birthdays from Google contacts.
  • Smart Suggestions: a feature that suggests names, contacts, titles,s, and places when creating events
  • Goals: where users add details about a personal goal, and the app automatically schedules the engagement at the most convenient times.
  • Color Pallet: Users can add color to an event to make it stand out or be recognized among others.
  • Privacy: The user can specify the levels of public visibility for the entire calendar or specific events using privacy settings.

Updated feature

As reported by the Google Calender new update, the updated feature of Google calendar is a location feature. Now people will think that the location feature is already available in the calendar application than what’s the new thing in it. The novelty of this location feature is that it will jot down your exact location with a marker displayed in the Google calendar. This Google Calender new update can also help a user reciprocally. Just consider if a person is unable to work in a chaotic environment and is in search of some peace. Then one adds their permanent location for work updates and temporarily switches their location for the ease of the environment.

How can one show a working location in Google Calendar?

  • Step # 01: Open your Google Calendar app on your device.
  • Step # 02: Tap on add location.
  • Step # 03: In the location section, start typing the address and you will get some suggestions regarding your location. If your exact location pops up then your work is done but if not, then type your exact address so your co-workers or acquaintance will know your exact place. According to Google Calender new update, this information appears on a shared Google Calendar with a marker.

How can this feature be helpful?

  • Stop Searching for Meeting Rooms: It will diminish the hassle of searching a room for meetings or conferences. The user of the calendar will add their exact current location and the user with whom the calendar is shared can easily reach the person by taking help from the Google Calender updated version.
  • Helpful for Organizations: Large organizations most probably consist of multiple buildings. This will make the job of secretaries and executives tougher because they have to manage the calendars of others. This new feature of Google calendar will help in their jobs.
  • Lessen the Burden of Interview: The Google Calendar new update is also beneficial for newbies. Who is just going to enter the job market? With the help of this updated feature, they will know the exact location of their office. And believe it or not, it will lessen their anxiety of not reaching the office on time.

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