Google plans to produce Pixel Smartphones in India

After Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Apple, Google also seems to be interested in producing its Pixel Smartphones in India. The recent two years have proved very difficult for companies in order to fulfill the demand and continue the supply chain. According to Google, it was very difficult for them to distribute their google pixel 4a in the whole market. After the pandemic of 2020, every company is trying to make its production network vaster.

The Indian Market is very important for Google:

We all know India has the second largest population on Earth. With more than 1.38 billion people, the Indian population is the dream audience for every company. Not a single company would like to lose Indian customers because they are the second largest consumer group on the entire planet.

The Indian market is very important even for tech giants like Google. It had been announced on Twitter by Google that its Pixel smartphones were sold in just 30 minutes. Google Pixel Smartphones are getting popular in India and the rest of the world. So, Google has to maintain its quality standards and fulfill the demand.

google pixel 4a price in india

Why produce in India:

A question remains; why does Google have to produce its smartphones in India while it already has manufacturing facilities in China? There might be three possible answers;

  • The US-China conflict could be a reason behind this decision

We all are aware of the increasing tension between The US and China. This conflict is increasing day by day over the recent years. Since these conflicts are still nowhere close to being sorted, this could be a reason behind this.

  • China was facing lockdowns recently because of Covid-19

China was the origin country of the global pandemic of 2020 since Covid-19 was first reported in China. Although the rest of the world has almost controlled the virus, China has recently put some of its major cities in lockdown because Covid-19 cases began to rise again. This made it extremely challenging for companies to work normally. Production almost stopped and the distribution network felt useless.

  • Indian people hate China

In the recent few years hate for China among Indian people increased very surprisingly. They don’t want to buy products owned or manufactured by Chinese companies or people. Google might be doing this to maintain its business and boost its sales.

Benefits for Indians:

If Google decides to produce its Pixel Smartphones in India it will be very beneficial for Indian economic growth as well as for Indian customers. According to recent data, the Google Pixel 4A’s price in India is ₹ 30,989.00. If Google manufactures it in India, its price will reduce efficiency. This could be very beneficial for Indian customers. So, Will Pixel phones come to India? The idea is still under consideration so we cannot say anything right now. We must search for some Google News.

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