10 Amazing Tricks – How to Use Google Trends?

Everyone living in the world try to follow the trends of present time. If he\she does not do that, it will not called as modernity. Since everyone want to be modern, so one should have to be trendy. Google trends are something that, where the majority of people have their interest. Trend could be off anything or any work, like fashion trend and trend to do fancy things. It makes a person more attractive and well known.

According to tech bloggers, the base of this article is technological, so here we will discuss one of the most enriching trends that are influencing our daily lives. That particular trend is known as “Google Search Trends”. We spend most of the time searching in our daily routine to find the answers to our queries. The more we search the more we get.

Have you ever thought about how and from where all this information comes? This is courtesy of following Google trend. Website owners or hosts find top searches on Google, this is where they get most searches on Google today.

This helps them to know where most of the people are interested and what they are searching for on Google the most. They follow their interests to write informative articles about Google search trends.



What is the Definition of Google Trends?

It is a tool free from Google where we can get graph charts and data on the vogue of certain searches in Google and social media platforms like “YouTube”. It was launched in 2006 by Google. The newest version of it was released in May 2018.

This feature is very helpful if we use it correctly. It can provide a website or any platform with a peak limit of popularity.

Lets Find Some Tricks to Use this Tool

  • Find regional Niche topics
  • Explore topics for blogs and create videos
  • To find matching words
  • Local Google search trend
  • Discovering new keywords
  • For marketing purpose
  • Using (google trends) for making content latest
  • To know the competitions using Google trend compare

Explore Some Features About Google Search Trends

Find Regional Niche Topics

This feature allows users to find the best niche topics on the basis of region. Every region is different from the other, and their search topics are also different. For example, if we compare two cities in Pakistan situated in different provinces.

The searching or interests of these two cities will be different. Suppose a person is selling smartphones, he will surely search that where the majority of the people are searching for smartphones the most. Either in Lahore or Hyderabad. He will try to hit the advertising trick to the specific city with most searches of smartphones.

Explore Topics for Blogs and Create Videos

Finding the most trending topics is another feature of this tool. On the main page of this tool, you will find a section where the hottest topics and trending topics are available. You can use these topics to make blogs and to create videos.

To Find Matching Keywords

It is good watching a keyword trending. But this can get some data. This tool helps a user to find the matching words of the trending keywords. This can produce uniqueness and boost SEO for the content.

Local Google Search Trends

The businessman-friendly attribute of this tool provides the facility to businessmen, to find hot trending keywords at the local level. It can also help to find keywords to target local SEO. People also use Google Meet to discover keywords idea.

Discovering New Keywords

You can do this by following these simple steps: the first time you enter a keyword, it will be saved in our online database of keywords that we’ve collected over several years from the most popular searches across all major internet companies worldwide, including Amazon.

You can also use phrases in your search results, and then we apply relevant tags such as keyword type, the popular phrase, genre, etc, by combining multiple keywords together into a tag group.

For Marketing Purpose

Google Trends Explorer helps you understand how seasonality and location affect your products and services. For example, in the Country dropdown below the search query, you can filter by metropolitan area or click an option on the map. You can change the date to zoom in or out on the history, but keep in mind that selecting a time of 7 days or less will change the example.

For Making Content Latest

Everyone wants his content to be unique and fresh. This tool can help for making the content latest by providing the most relevant keywords. These keywords can be used in the content to make it fresh.

Competitions Using Google Trend Compare

You can use this tool to know about the competition of topics in every field. The trend search tells the competition and one can make his content unique according to this competition.

The article concludes that how you can use these simple trick using these simple and amazing tricks the search engine optimization can be boosted.

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