Microsoft Edge finally has the Wind in its Sails after the Withdrawal of Internet Explorer!

Microsoft Edge News:

As most of us are already aware that Internet Explorer is a web browser created under the umbrella of Microsoft Corporations. However, the company wanted to modify its web browser and the newly made version of INTERNET EXPLORER was called Microsoft Edge. A new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows XP was publically announced by the Chairman of the company Bill Gates in January 2020. 

Birth of Internet Explorer

Although Microsoft was thriving in the software industry, the world needed more than just software. The world, together with the emergence of NEW TECHNOLOGY, was close to entering the twenty-first century. Therefore, Microsoft updates itself by taking note of the present and foreseeable demands of the globe, and it swiftly created Internet Explorer, its own web browser. Later, it was given a fresh name of MICROSOFT EDGE.

Internet Explorer is indeed a browsing tool that is effective while still being close to what Windows users are used to. However, a tiny number of people still use Internet Explorer, because it is currently the sole option to access several business web applications. Even though INTERNET EXPLORER is being retired, it won’t disappear just yet.

Internet Explorer

Why Internet Explorer is no longer in use? 

Internet Explorer’s popularity has drastically decreased in recent years. According to a State Counter analysis, Internet Explorer only accounts for less than 0.5 per cent of all browser market shares. Google’s Chrome currently has a 65 per cent market share, followed by Apple’s AAPL Safari with a 19 per cent share. Mozilla’s Firefox is currently in second place, with a market share of around 4% behind MICROSOFT EDGE. Internet Explorer has been defined by Microsoft as a compatibility solution rather than a browser that companies should actively use. On August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams will no longer support the browser and cause the WITHDRAWL OF INTERNET EXPLORER. This change will take effect on November 30, 2020.

Is Microsoft Edge Reliable? 

Microsoft Edge is definitely reliable and successfully fulfils the needs, wants, and necessities of its users at work as well as at home. 

  • Availability: It is available on supported versions of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Faster: The speed of MICROSOFT EDGE is much better than the previous browser Internet Explorer. Edge was launched first in 2015 but the company built the browser from scratch and specifically works on its speed. The Microsoft Edge which is now in front of us has fast speed, it loads the web page quickly, and responds to searches rapidly.
  • Secure: Microsoft Defender Smart-Screen is included in MICROSOFT EDGE so it can identify suspicious sites and inform the user. Furthermore, it also checks the safety whether the downloads are saved or not for the system. 
  • Privacy: Moreover, Edge offers a tracking option that lets you choose a mode, such as basic, balanced, or strict, to prevent being tracked by other websites. Also, the NEW TECHNOLOGY let you decide which websites you can or cannot view on your PC and mobile device. Additionally, this Edge Browser offers a password monitor tool that essentially warns you if your auto-filled password for online accounts has been discovered by hackers so the user of MICROSOFT EDGE can immediately make their credentials more secure.
  • Better Memory: The new Edge browsers have better memory and it is more important in PC’s. Memory usage is one of the key concerns of the browser developers and most of the users had issue with battery and memory. Regarding the battery of the new version of MICROSOFT EDGE browser, The Wall Street Journal just published its own findings on this.
  • ‘IE’ Mode: It is basically Internet Explorer mode which is available in Microsoft Edge. With the help of IE mode the user can visit certain sites. In addition if the sites are not working properly in the MICROSOFT EDGE browser than this mode can help in that situation. 

The wind in Sails

Microsoft doesn’t directly profit from browsers, but Edge by default uses its Bing search engine, which brings in advertising money for the provider of computer software and hardware. Nearly $3 billion in revenue, or 6% of all Microsoft sales, came from that area in the first quarter because of the WITHDRAWL OF INTERNET EXPLORER.

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