Some Withings products are about to get more expensive

Withings announced that some of its products will see a price increase after September 19. They did this because of global inflation. The company claimed that prices of some of their important components have increased. This includes increased prices of semiconductors and other raw materials. Transport charges are also increased which forced them to this extent.

Marketing Strategy:

Withings have declared increased prices of some of their products but they will apply after 19 September 2022. The company claimed this as an opportunity for their customers to buy their products and complete their collection before prices go high to save their valuable money. This could be Withings’s smart marketing strategy to boost their sales. Anyone interested in buying one of their products will definitely try to save money and buy his desired product as soon as he can. Some say this is a strategy to empty out the carts of their customers.

Withings products prices

Which products will face inflation?

According to the Withings website Withings scales, Withings Body Cardio, Withings Sleep Analyzer, Withings BPM Connect, and 38mm Scan Watch (black and white color only) products will have a price difference which will begin on 19 September. Note that the price will stay the same in the United States till the 1st of October.

There is also a contradiction on why the price of only certain products is increased. If we stick to reasons of global inflation or transport charges, this must affect all products. However, this could be their way of boosting sales of their other products, for example, other colors of Withings watch.

Why do prices need to be increased?

We all know that the global pandemic in 2020 caused a lot of global inflation. None of the prices remain unchanged. We can clearly observe the effects of the 2020 pandemic now. Although people love Withings products because of their innovative design and Withings support which is good enough to trust no one wants prices to be increased. The company claimed that they have to increase the price because of global inflation. Prices of semiconductors have increased which is the raw material for most of their products. This could be due to a shortage created in the market by the 2020 pandemic. Increased transportation cost because of high fuel rates is also a reason behind this inflation in Withings products. Although some of the product prices will stay the same, it could affect Withing upcoming products.

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