Here’s the New Xbox Home UI coming in 2023

Where a gamer spent most of his time while playing a game? Yes on the homepage. Microsoft decided to improve the homepage of its Xbox. And take initiative to make it more organized and cleaner for its users. Microsoft’s Xbox team always keeps an eye on its users’ needs and tries to give them a better gaming experience. This time Xbox home UI is the area of work at which Microsoft’s Xbox team is working. For that, they are conducting a series of multi-month experimenting in order to create more personalized home screens on the demand of their users. Revealed in a blog post of Xbox Insider by Ivy Krislov, Senior Product Manager Lead, Xbox Experiences on Sep 8, 2022.

Some key updates:

Below are some features which were unveiled by Ivy Krislov. In the same blog post regarding the new Xbox home UI.

  • They introduced a new ‘jump back in’ row option. Which gave quick access to the user of recently played games as well as access to different system-used applications such as play store, settings, search bar etcetera.
  • Furthermore, they are working on the layouts with the help of updated visual identifiers. And the consistent style in order to maintain familiarity and bring improvement to the Xbox.
  • The recommendation option will also be under consideration after the implementation of new features. A player will get a new recommendation of games just by scrolling down. Every player’s choice is different so when one will scroll down. They get different categories according to their game preferences.

Similar to Xbox TV App:

The Xbox home UI appears to be considerably more comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox TV app in several pre-release pictures. Additionally, the tile size for the most recently utilized game or app has been reduced. The Xbox TV app delivers features that Microsoft is adding to the primary Xbox Home console user interface, along with quick access to settings and a search bar at the top.

xbox new exclusive

Why is there a need for Change in Xbox home UI?

Xbox lovers are not much satisfied with the home UI of Xbox series S and X. Therefore, for the past few months Xbox fans have been urging Microsoft to re-examine the Xbox Home interface and do some redesigning and modifications for a better experience. The recommendations are;

  • They should add more dynamic wallpapers for the display.
  • Get rid of the advertisements.
  • provide more customization options for the Xbox Home screen.

Team Xbox jotted down the recommendations and feedback of their users regarding their product and now they are planning and working to give them a better experience. The changes will take some amount of time and will be unveiled in the Xbox New Event. This redesign hasn’t yet addressed all of the suggestions, but there are still months to make additional improvements that might considerably improve its customizability.

When Do These Changes Are Implemented?

Further in the post was said that the Xbox New Exclusive change features are for the betterment of its users they will give the best experience to the player. However, there is no such thing as a quick fix and the best things take time. Same in the case of changing the UI. The post further reveals that for the best results the team is taking baby steps to bring out the best in their players. They are noting down all the queries getting from their users and maybe that is why sometimes the updates get delayed. Until now, the brand decided to implement these new features and launch the novel home UI in the coming Xbox event 2023. If the company sticks to its event calendar then, in 2023 the users will get the option of removing and changing features to optimize the experience.

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