Sonos announces the long-awaited Sub Mini for 499 Euros

Sonos- Overview:

Sonos Incorporation is an American company that deals in developing audio products. The company is well-known for providing multi-room wireless audio products in the market. The company was incorporated in 2002 for manufacturing consumer electronics. The three most popular speech assistants, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, are all compatible with Sonos consumer electronics. According to the report, the company has launched a new Sonos Sub Mini 2022. Subwoofer with a modified design and lower price.


The majority of the company’s product portfolio is made up of powered speakers, amplifiers, and accessories. The company focuses on making effortless listening through its products. Let’s shed some light on it as below;

  • Speakers: It includes Roam (portable smart speakers), Roam SL (portable speakers), Move, One (Smart speaker contains microphones which can be used as a virtual assistant), One SL, Five (Premium speakers), and an adventure set.
  • Home Theater: It includes Ray (soundbar), Beam (smart soundbar), Arc (smart soundbar premium), Sub mini (Subwoofer wireless), Sub (Gen3) premium Subwoofer wireless, Room set with Ray, Entertainment set with ray and beam, Set with Arc.
  • Accessories: It includes portable, stand speakers, Mounts (wall speakers), Speaker cables and chargers, and Turntable.
  • Audio Components: It includes a port, amplifier, ceiling speakers, and outdoor speakers.
  • Portable Speakers: It includes Roam plus wireless charger, outdoor/indoor set, and portable set.
  • Architectural: It includes wall speakers, Ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, amplifiers, and In-wall and In-Ceiling speakers grills.
  • Automotive: Currently, Sonos produces automotive audio systems. The Audi Q4 e-Tron is the first vehicle from the first automaker to collaborate with Sonos.


Sonos Inc. has its SUB product in its Home Theater product category. It is a wireless subwoofer that users can use in watching TV, movies, and listening to sounds. Using the Sonos app, you can set up in a matter of minutes. Sub is connected to your system by WiFi, allowing you to put it wherever in the room. The Sculptural shaped Sub is available in Black and white colors and the Price is 849 euros which are more expensive than the Sub mini.

Sonos Sub Mini 2022

Sonos Sub Mini 2022

The company has launched its new product in its home theater product line category this year which is a wireless subwoofer called Sub Mini. There is a new Sub in the Sonos lineup that isn’t quite as outrageously expensive luckily. Sonos’ long-awaited Sub Mini is a brand-new wireless subwoofer that is less expensive and more portable than the Sonos Sub in its full size. Sub mini is available at a price of 499 euros which is half the price of the existing full-sized Sub. According to Sonos, the Sub Mini will go on sale from October 6, 2022, in selected markets including the US, UK, Canada, and more.

Features: Sonos Sub Mini 2022

It has been composed with some interesting features, have a look below!

  • Set with Sonos App– It is lighter and can easily be placed anywhere in the room. Users can set it up quickly with the Sonos app, and enjoy richer, more immersive sound which is free of any buzz.
  • Go with Speakers- The company explicitly suggests the Sonos Sub Mini go with its smaller speakers (such as the Beam, Ray, and One), as well as for smaller and medium-sized rooms.
  • Size and Shape- It is about the size of a small trash can, and its cylindrical shape makes it probably much simpler to match your current house decor. You can fit it on your table and desk easily.
  • Colors Available- Sub mini is available in Black and White colors.
  • Connect with TV- Sub Mini can be combined with Ray or Beam. The 5 GHz WiFi connection speeds up audio transmission so you can watch movies, play games, and fully enjoy high-quality sound which is consistently synchronized with your TV.
  • Add in Sonos System- Users can quickly add the Sub Mini to their Sonos system by using the Sonos app for iPhone or iPad.
  • Sounds Well- Sub mini has been developed with true play technology.
  • Wifi Connectivity- Sub mini can connect with your system wirelessly with the help of Wifi.
  • Volume Adjustments- The volume automatically adjusts in Sub mini along with paired speakers or soundbar.

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