Tiktok allows users to post their “Tiktok Stories” on Facebook and Instagram

As we all are aware of the popularity of Tiktok these days. TikTok has become a global sensation and showing no signs of slowing down. This social media platform has emerged as one of the top entertainment choices for both teenagers and adults. Almost everyone is researching it to make Tiktok Stories for personal entertainment tools as well as for business models to develop a comparable app. That will attract millions of users worldwide because it has become so well-known.

Tiktok: Overview

Tiktok is basically a social media app through which users can create and edit their videos a.k.a Tiktok Stories online and share these all around the world. It enables people to make 15-second videos using webcams or mobile devices, watch them, and share them. The app is renowned for its highly engaging user base and addictive nature. Because of its tailored feeds of amusing short films set to music and sound effects. Users can add stickers, filters, and background music to their TikTok videos. This Social media app was created by the Chinese Technology Company “ByteDance” in the year 2016. And now this app is being used in more than 150 countries and has 1 billion global users as per Tiktok News.

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Key Features of Tiktok:

Tiktok has been composed of a variety of features, let’s discuss below some of its basic features. Uploading Video: Tiktok offers a feature for its users to upload their own videos of 15-60 seconds.

  1. Edit your Video: It allows users to cut, flip and rotate their uploaded videos. A person can record his/her videos using the app, selecting a song from a sizable music collection to lip-synch or dance to.
  2. Filters: This app offers filter options for enhancing video content such as beauty filters, stickers, and animations.
    Sharing with others: This app offers the option of social sharing through which users can share their videos on other platforms of social media. People can share their Tiktok profiles on other media.
  3. Comments & Likes: A separate page is available for seeing all of the videos that are liked and commented on by viewers.
  4. Notification Alert: This app provides an option of notification through which users can see who is liking the videos and commenting on them as well as following them.
  5. Duet Option: This popular feature of TikTok enables users to dance or lip-sync on their favorite song with another person on the same app.
  6. Reaction Recording: Through this option, users can record their reactions to other videos and share them with their viewers of Tiktok.
    Live Streaming: This feature of Tiktok allows its users to do live video streaming from anywhere.

Tiktok Users:

One of the most widely used social media platforms. TikTok is accessible in over 35 languages and in more than 150 countries. Let’s shed some light on its users worldwide.

  • 43% of its users fall in the age group between 16 to 24 years.
  • 53% of its users are females.
  • The average daily time spent on it by users is 46 minutes.
  • 90% of users use this app daily.
  • New users are 43% from India.
  • There are 100 million active users in the US.
  • 23 million active users in the UK.

Updated Feature for Users:

According to recent Tiktok News,

“Tiktok has launched a new feature that allows users to share their stories of Tiktok on other social media platforms.”

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Facebook and Instagram are working towards replicating TikTok within their own apps as Reels. A new feature that TikTok is putting out now will increase the visibility of the short-form video app’s content across Meta’s social networking sites. The new feature of Tiktok allows its users to post their Tiktok Stories on other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

This feature has been implemented last year to compete with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users publish photographs or videos to stories. This feature is popular on social networks, and they usually vanish after 24 hours. This attractive feature has been captured by TikTok to make Tiktok Stories available on other platforms. TikTok is attempting to display more of its content on these Meta-owned networks with this story-sharing innovation.

Tiktok Stories On Facebook: Stories of TikTok now can be shared on Facebook which is one of the most popular social media platforms. Users can post TikTok story on Facebook in its reel section. This initiative has been taken to decrease Facebook’s attempts to down-rank TikTok videos.
Tiktok Stories on Instagram: Tiktok has also enabled its users to share their stories of Tiktok on other widely used well-known social media platforms Instagram. Users can easily share and post a TikTok story on Instagram and gather the attention of more viewers.

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