Top 10 WhatsApp secret tricks – you don’t know

It is a platform for fast, convenient text messaging and social networking between people around the world. If you are not familiar with this application, it is like texting but better in all aspects, except using your phone instead of opening an app to send messages, users can connect via their mobile devices by speaking into messenger apps or typing “Hello” directly from the chat window on our website. It also works properly offline as long there’s no internet connection outside your screen! You do however need access locally through Wi-Fi. We have several features here including: – chatting, sharing photos, Multi-data, documents, and making audio, and video calls.

 WhatsApp is making people know each other through its unique features that were not there before this application. 

Let’s talk about some secret tricks of this app that you might not know.

  • Text Formatting 

If you want to make your messages more attractive and easy to read, this feature can be very helpful for you. You can make your selected text Bold, Italic, and strike through. Monospace is another styling option available in its keyboard options. 

You can follow these steps to style your text:

1. Type your text, press, and hold on to the text.

2. Click on Three dots

3. Here you will find all styling options.

  • Beta Access

Beta access is a program that allows a user to access the upcoming features very early. This feature is also known as WhatsApp web. It allows you to use your messenger account on multiple devices. Devices could be a P.C or laptop also.

Steps to follow:

1. Open the application, and tap on three dots.

2. Click on linked devices, if a new feature is available you will see a new pop-up window. Click Ok.

3. Click on multi-device beta then join Beta, and follow further instructions.

  • Double Blue tick Disable

Tired of being asked “No reply” or “ignoring”? Try this trick you will surely be pleased. When you use this trick double blue ticking on seen SMS will be disappeared. Now you can reply on your will after seeing an SMS without telling others.

Steps to follow:

1. Open the App, Go to settings in the app.

2. Tap on Account > Privacy.

3. Find the read receipt, and turn it off. Easy life!

  • Hiding Chat in GBwhatsApp without archive

GBwhatsapp is a moded version of the original WhatsApp app. This app is developed by multiple developers and it has many extra capabilities. Hiding chat is a secret trick in this moded version.

Steps to follow:

1. Open the application.

2. Press and hold on to the particular chat you want to hide.

3. When selected, tap on three dots on the top right side.

4. Tap on the hiding option.

5. Follow further steps.

  • Tag your friend in groups

To tag something to your friend, type @ before your message and select the particular group member you want to convey something to. 

  • Pip Mode 

 Picture in Picture mode allows you to chat while watching the shared video. It will stop when you exit the app. It is a Multi-window feature.

  • Voice typing

Want to type faster? Or tired of typing? Using this trick will resolve this problem. You will have to just speak now, the rest will do the app itself. There is a small mic icon on the keyboard. Press and hold the mic. Start speaking your speech will be converted to text.

  • How to know when someone reads your message

1. Click and hold on to the particular message.

2. When selected, tap on three dots (appearing on the top right side) > click “Info”.

Here you will see the delivery and seen time.

  • Mark Any SMS as Starred

Sometimes an important message mixes in the long chat and it’s become hard to find that SMS. Marking an SMS as starred will enable you to find that SMS easily.

Select an SMS on top you will see a star, click on it. Now you have starred an important SMS.


  • Use multiple accounts on the same mobile

To use multiple accounts you can install WhatsApp business and register it with another mobile number. Now you can use two accounts on the same mobile.

  • Reacting on SMS

The founder of this messenger app is all set to launch a brand new feature, in May 2022. This feature will allow users to react to the message, like the Instagram messenger.

Discussed above are the tricks you can use to make your life easy and more advanced. These features of this messenger app are very rarely known by most users. This article will help you to understand and apply these.

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