Xbox Series S Games are poised to benefit from Increased Performance

After the development of the operating system, Microsoft landed in the world of gaming. Microsoft entered the gaming industry in the early 21st century and created its own video gaming brand called Xbox. In November 2020, Microsoft Corporation released the 4th generation model of Xbox, i.e., Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox Consoles

Microsoft Xbox is a gaming company that offers five gaming consoles, streaming services, Xbox Network, and a game development section named Xbox Game Studios. The brand was initially publicized in the US with the November 2001 debut of the original Xbox console.

  • First Generation (2001) : Xbox
  • Second Generation (2005) : Xbox 360
  • Third Generation (2013) : Xbox One
  • Fourth generation (2020) : Xbox Series X and XBOX SERIES S

Xbox Series S games

Xbox S: Overview

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which went on sale on November 10, 2020, are part of the fourth generation of Xbox devices and the ninth generation of video game consoles. They are simply referred to as Xbox, along with Sony’s PlayStation 5, which was also introduced the same month. Both the series, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are high-end and low-end versions of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models.

Xbox Series S: Previous Performance

The hardware of the Xbox series S is quite similar to the hardware of the Xbox series X, but on the other hand, the processing power is way different. Xbox Series S has slow processing power as compared to series X. Despite running on the same processing unit, it takes slightly more time to work. It uses a slower GPU, the proprietary RDNA2, with 20 CUs operating at 1.55 GHz, compared to the Series X’s 12 TFLOPS. It has 10 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD storage device with a raw input/output speed of 2.4 GB/s but no optical disc drive. The user must therefore purchase all software via digital distribution.

Xbox Series S: Performance Right Now

Microsoft’s game developer team gave a performance boost to Xbox Series S Games. Team Xbox is actively developing new features for Xbox while keeping the needs of its users at the forefront. People will notice enhancements to the speed and dependability of recognizing new updates, both in your collection and when you launch a game, according to the June Xbox update.

Additional Megabytes:

The most fascinating and eye-catching development made in the updated version of Xbox Series S Performance is the additional megabytes to the available consoles. A new Microsoft Game Development Kit (GDK) has emancipated hundreds of gigabytes of memory, which might result in improved graphics and faster gameplay in upcoming games. The narrator of the film says, “Extra memory is available for Xbox Series S consoles. For Xbox Series S developers, hundreds more megabytes of memory are now available. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions.” This information is also available on Microsoft Game Dev YouTube Channel.
The Xbox Series S has the same CPU as X but, the memory restrictions have been described by Digital Foundry, is reportedly been difficult for game developers to optimize titles for the Xbox Series S.

What should be added to Xbox Series S?

It would be better if the Microsoft game developers team also increase the amount of RAM which is comparatively less as compared to the RAM of series X. Xbox Series S has 10 GB RAM, in comparison, series X is packed with 16 GB RAM and automatically it provides developers extra processing power for gameplay and graphics. A few hundred megabytes of RAM would be a great addition to boost Xbox Series S Performance.

What Changes does it bring?

This may result in more stable resolutions, sharper textures, or smoother performance during chaotic fight sequences. Where the console must render a large number of various elements while keeping them in motion. At last, the memory boost is good news for both developers as well as for gamers. Let’s hope that the Xbox Series S Games Increased the Performance of its users with the new boost in memory.

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