Google Suggests that its Google TV Software is too slow

Google has acknowledged that people find that Google TV software is too slow. And in response to their criticism, the company is releasing several major upgrades. That will speed up performance and manage storage in a better way on Google Tv.

Improvements made by Google

According to the business, Google has reduced the time it takes to load the Google Tv interface. Or home screen at startup so you can explore shows and movies faster” through CPU optimizations and cache management improvements. According to Google, which debuted more than two years ago. These improvements will eventually be available on all devices.

The company said it has also improved navigation, making tab scrolling and switching between tabs more responsive. “You’ll see fewer loading animations when switching between tabs. It is because the Live tab will now load faster than before. Google claimed that Google TV will now operate using lesser RAM.

Google TV Interface

Google TV Software

Google has also optimized image caching to reduce the time it takes to navigate to children’s profiles and start browsing content. “We’ve removed the latency between loading a child’s profile and launching the app,” it reported late Monday. There are currently more than 10,000 apps that are available to download on Google TV. The “Free up storage” menu in Settings will now allow users to easily clear cache and uninstall apps they don’t use to maximize device storage.

This incredible feature has already been released to Chromecast with Google TV and will be included in an upcoming system update for smart TVs with Google TV. To reduce the number of users who see storage-related issues when trying to install a new app, Google claimed to have made some internal adjustments to the way Google TV software handles app installations. That is all for today’s Google News and updates 2022.

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