Sony increases the price of the PS5 in Europe and Other Countries

Sony has announced to increase the price of PlayStation 5 up to 12.5% in many countries excluding The United States. Effective immediately, the price of both the standard Sony PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will increase in Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia and North America. Meanwhile, no price will be increased in the United States. Sony claimed that the price is increased due to global inflation.

The new Sony PS5 prices are as follows with immediate effect:

Price of PS5 in Europe

PS5 – €549.99 (originally €499.99)

PS5 Digital – €449.99 (originally €399.99)

Prices of PS5 in other countries:

United Kingdom

PS5 – £479.99 (was £449.99)

PS5 Digital – £389.99 (was £359.99)

Japan (valid from September 15)

PS5 – ¥60,478 (was ¥54,978)

PS5 Digital – ¥49,478 (previously ¥43,978)


PS5 – 4,299 yuan (was 3,899 yuan)

PS5 Digital – ¥3,499 yuan (was ¥3,099)


PS5 – AUD$799.95 (was $749.95)

PS5 Digital – AUD 649.95 (originally $599.95)


PS5 – MXN $14,999 (was $13,999)

PS5 Digital – MXN $12,499 (was $11,499)


PS5 – $649.99 (originally $629.99)

PS5 Digital – $519.99 (originally $499.99)

PS5 price in other countries

Sony prices increase of PS5 Digital as well

Sony also notes that select markets in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions may also see price increases, but did not elaborate.
The increase in price applies to both the main PS5 with a disc drive and the PS5 Digital. On their PlayStation Blog, Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of SIE said: “There is no doubt that many of us are experiencing challenges in the global economic environment.

High global inflation rates and adverse currency trends have a huge impact on consumers which is putting pressure on many industries. Because of these economic conditions, SIE has made the difficult decision to increase the suggested retail price (RRP) of the PlayStation 5.

Analyst predicts PS5 price hike ‘will have minimal impact on sales’

Ampere Analysis believes Sony will not revise its sales forecast due to pent-up demand. Last month, during its first quarter, Sony declined to be told whether it would raise the price of the Sony PS5 in the face of similar market pressures. Earlier this month, Nintendo claimed it had no current plans to raise Switch prices in Japan, despite the weak yen causing other tech companies such as Apple to do so.

The company told Bloomberg it has no plans to raise the price of its hardware, while Microsoft declined to comment. That’s all that we have currently on PS5 News.

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