Instagram Rolls out Sensitive Content Filters for teens

One of the most used platforms among teens nowadays, ‘Instagram’ added a new feature to its users’ accounts’ privacy. Last summer, the meta-owned platform introduced the ‘Sensitive Content Control’ which allowed users to decide how much or how little sensitive content from accounts they don’t follow would appear in Explore. Now the platform introduced Instagram sensitive content filters for teens which is an addition to this privacy control feature.

Instagram News

“Teens only have the “Standard” and “Less” options under the sensitive content control. Under-16-year-old new users on Instagram will automatically be placed in the “Less” state. We will send prompt urging kids who are already using Instagram to choose the “Less” experience”. According to the August 25, 2022, Instagram update.

Instagram Under-18 Restrictions

As it is obvious that Instagram came under one of the most used social media platforms by teenagers nowadays and it is a common source of sharing photos, videos, and stories, the company owners thought to make it safer for its teen audience. Before the unveiling of Instagram under-18 restrictions, the explore section in the app contains all types of content either if it is appropriate or inappropriate for its users. After analyzing the situation the upgraded feature is added to the app so that it will set aside all the sensitive content filters for teens.

One just has to set some options in their accounts setting and the platform will become safe for its young users. The company uses the same technology they use to enforce the recommendation guidelines. This update will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

sensitive content filter for teens

Advantages of Opting for a sensitive content filter for teens:

  • By setting the new feature, under-18 teens come across less sensitive content which includes Searches, Explore, Hashtags, Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts.
  • It simply provides a way to teenagers to choose their audience with whom they want to share their content and Instagram update.
  • It is an initiative to protect teenagers on Instagram.
  • Users can control the amount of sensitive content and accounts in Search, Reels, Follow Accounts, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations.
  • Restrict nudity or content containing any kind of nudity.
  • Restrict photos, videos, or reels that have violence and self-harm on the explore page.


The majority who use Instagram on a regular basis already know the account privacy section given in the application. Novel users who want to take advantage of this feature should go to their Instagram accounts. After clicking the top right 3 bars one gets the setting option. For sensitive content filter for teens. Further, in the setting option tap the account section no one will get the sensitive content control option. It has three options and with the help of them, one can select the option according to their choice and age group.

  • More: permits users to access more sensitive accounts and content. The “More” option is not accessible to those under the age of 18. They can only have access to standard and less.
  • Standard: this is the default setting and will keep some sensitive items and accounts hidden from view.
  • Less: it means that compared to the default state, people see less of this stuff.

Other Privacy Features Already Given By Instagram

This is not the first time that Instagram takes action for the privacy of its audience. In the past, Instagram updated its features so its users stay safe.

  • Parental Control:

As Instagram is quite famous among teens, therefore a complete “A Parent’s Guide to Instagram” can be downloaded. This manual was developed in collaboration with international safety, youth, and parenting organizations and specialists.

  • Reporting Harassment Or Bullying:

If a person is facing any kind of harassment, bullying or inappropriate commenting or is observing that an account is made to bully or harass other accounts then there is an option available in the app to report.

  • Abuse and Spam:

One can report abuse and spam that are not following the guidelines given by the platform. Keep in mind that the report should be anonymous unless you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement.

  • Deal with Conflicts or abuse:

If one is facing a negative comment, post, or reel once in a while then the best solution is to ignore it. But, what if one has to face these things on a regular basis or the dispute or abuse is getting too far? In this scenario, use in-app reporting given by Instagram. It is the quickest way to report offensive posts or profiles. In a report provide all the necessary information asked and this will help your issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

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