Microsoft Says Monthly Windows 11 Users Are Steadily Increasing!

Windows 11 Users Are Steadily Increasing?

The world’s most popular desktop operating system says that the users of its Windows 11 operating system are steadily increasing. 

  • Microsoft Overview: Microsoft Corporation is an American company which is providing personal computer systems and applications to the world since 1976. Today MICROSOFT is known worldwide because people like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, James Nicholas Gray, and Steve Ballmer are working behind it. Its headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, United States but it also has offices throughout the world.
  • How it start? Pioneers of MICROSOFT Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen 1975 made a basic programming language for a personal computer. Afterwards, International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) requested them to make an operating system for their personal computer. That was the very first collaboration of MICROSOFT which generated vast revenues for them and was called MS-DOS. The process of making and installing software continued and by the mid of 1990’s Microsoft was noted as one of the most profitable companies in America. 


Further Developments:

  • Browser: MICROSOFT was flourishing in Software development but Software was not the only thing the world need. The world was near the 21st century so as technology and the commercialization of network systems and the internet as well. MICROSOFT UPDATES itself by jotting the current and future needs of the world and quickly developed its own browser, which was called Internet Explorer. Later they renamed it Microsoft Edge. 
  • Gaming: Things did not go in the right direction regarding developing their own browser and the company has to face bankruptcy. However, the journey did not stop here. In the early 21st century MICROSOFT entered the gaming industry and created its own video gaming brand Xbox. Later on, they launched Xbox Live and Xbox 360 which hit its competitors in the gaming market. 
  • Smartphones: Same as the need for a network system, in 2000 there was a boom in smartphones industries and once again MICROSOFT had to struggle in order to maintain its marketplace. In 2010 it replaced its old mobile operating system ‘Windows Mobile’ with Windows Phone OS. It was launched with the alliance company. 

Following years Microsoft updated and rebrand its products some of them including Metro Design Language (a design language created by MICROSOFT), Windows 8 (an operating system), Window Server 2012 (6th version of Window Server Operating System), Window Phone 8 (Mobile Operating System), Window 10 (Operating System and major release of MICROSOFT), and Windows Server 2016 (8th release of the Window Server Operating System)

  • Window 11: During a live stream, Microsoft announced WINDOW 11, on June 24, 2021. The release created confusion because it was announced by the company that Windows 10 would be the last version of the operating system. Window 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system. 


Where most of the business is shutting down due to the covid 19 pandemic, MICROSOFT also closed down almost all of its retail stores due to the health concerns of its workers and according to the legal notice. Despite that, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft praised windows explaining that the monthly users of Windows 11 are increasing. According to the latest WINDOW 11 UPDATED, the total sales are still over the pre-pandemic level. Nadella further said,

“Despite a changing market for PCs during the quarter, we continue to see more PCs shipped than pre-pandemic, and are taking share. And we are seeing higher monthly usage of Windows 11 applications, with increased time spent across creative work, collaboration, gaming, media, and writing code, as people rely on the PC for its unique productivity capabilities, rich interactive experiences, and to stay connected.”

The CEO also praised the browser MICROSOFT Edge which is gaining popularity among consumers day by day. A large number of people are attracted to it to gain maximum benefits and Microsoft is playing a notable role in making their user’s life easy. Microsoft Edge browser is not only available on windows, but now it is also available on iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS. Furthermore, MICROSOFT WINDOW 11 UPDATE 2022 will release in the second half of the year. Till now, Windows 11 is offering a free upgrade for devices which have eligibility or already have Windows 10.

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