Sony acquires Savage Game Studios which will be its new PlayStation Studios Mobile

Sony PlayStation, aiming to have a strong presence in the field of mobile games, has now bought Savage Game Studios. It will become part of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile division, which was also introduced.

Sony wants to strengthen its mobile games

Sony acquired Savage Game Studios as part of a definitive deal to introduce more people to its games, especially those unfamiliar with PlayStation and games. The new Sony PlayStation game studios will help achieve this and will operate independently of Sony’s console development. The merger will lead to the development of “innovative on-the-go experiences” using old and new PlayStation IPs.

However, there is nothing heard yet on his plans. Just recalling for information, Savage Game Studios has previously worked on many projects with other game studios like Zynga and Supercell as well.

Details from Officials

Commenting on the announcement, Michail Katkoff, CEO and co-founder of Savage Game Studios, said: “We entered into this agreement because we believe that the management of PlayStation Studios respects our vision of how we can best operate and succeed, and because they too are not afraid to take risks. All that, plus the opportunity to potentially tap into PlayStation’s amazing IP catalog and the fact that we’ll benefit from the support that only they can provide… The more difficult question would be ‘why not?'”

It was also revealed that is planning to release the AAA action game for mobile live streaming. Details about the game, including its title, remain unknown. Sony savage game studios’ mobile is expected to be operating as usual. However, details such as acquisition costs and more are not discussed! Sony says it will continue to focus on console gaming, even as it plans to go beyond that. Recall that the company acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion earlier this year.

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