The Insta360 One X3 the most versatile camera on the market

You definitely have heard of insta360, one of the most amazing camera producers on the globe. Recently the company launched its Insta360 One X3 2022 which appears to be the most versatile camera on the market.

We all know that Insta360 is known because of its amazing 360-degree cameras. The company’s recent X2 camera was also a very successful product with a lot of positive reviews and feedback. Meanwhile, there were some key features that users always wanted to be upgraded. For reference, Insta360 X2 had particularly a very small spherical screen which users always wanted to be bigger. X2 was only able to shoot up to 1280p while we all wanted 4K videos.

Insta360 X3 Released:

The company released its most adaptive camera named Insta360 X3 on September 8, 2022. The camera has general Insta360 qualities along with some special abilities.

  • Unlike the previous X2, X3 can record in up to 4K video resolution.
  • 360-degree recording can be done in 5.7K at 30p on its max.
  • The camera also supports slow-motion videos up to 4K/120p or 3K/180p. You can switch between these two.
  • It has an additional wide Lense than previous designs.
  • It has a new ultra HDR mode with the new ½-inch sensor.

These unique features along with quality software support make Insta360 one of X3’s most adaptive and versatile of all available choices in the market. You can either use it as a 360-degree camera or a general action camera. You can also crop the footage to upload it on social media platforms, Instagram or TikTok, etc. Vast frame size along with manageable frame rates made it more convenient for users.

Is Insta 360 waterproof?

  • Yes, Insta360 X3 is waterproof and can bear up to 10 m water height above it.
  • You can buy Insta360 new camera 2022 from the official site or tech suppliers like Amazon etc., for just $449.

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