Playstation 5: new update with 1440p Support and list of Games

In the month of July, Beta testers were testing 1440 resolution. On the new ps5 in order to give it a sharper and crispier look. Now it’s September and the conclusion of Beta participants is already in the hands of the company. So the owners and developers have finally decided to unveil the new PS5 1440p firmware update for the console. The new ps5 version is the beta version 22.02-06.00.00 and it was available for the participants in a few countries. However, from now on it is available for other countries too. And they can also have access to the updated features of the new ps5. Which are 14400 resolution, screen share, game library, and many more.

About Playstation:

Five home consoles, two handhelds, a media center, a smartphone, an internet service, and a number of periodicals are all part of the PlayStation brand of video game goods. The PlayStation brand was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony. In December 1994, the original PlayStation console was made available in Japan; the rest of the world got it the following year.

Playstation 5:

Sony intends to deliver the PlayStation 5 as its next-generation platform before the end of 2020. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a member of the ninth generation of video game consoles and was made available to consumers worldwide on November 12, 2020, alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S. Most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games are compatible with the PlayStation 5.

PS5 1440p firmware update

PS 5 1440 UPDATE 2022:

It is released in the PlayStation blog that forms onwards the users of ps5 have access to some features which are mentioned below:

  • Support 1440p Video Output:
    Sony announced that from 07 September 2022 onwards players who use PlayStation for gaming can get the resolution of 1440p. The features that Sony released worldwide are partially tested by beta participants, however, based on the positive feedback now these features were officially launched globally by the company. It is important for Playstation to initiate this feature because its rival company’s product Xbox series S and series S already have 1440 resolution. Not only that, Playstation users have been requesting 1440p specifically for PC and television gamers since its debut. Before July it was a question that will PS5 support 1440p? So the answer is yes. All one has to do is, just change the setting. The display will show native 1440p content if the game you’re playing supports it. In other cases, games with a higher native resolution, like 4K, can be achieved by just selecting the PS5 1440p firmware update option available in the video output bar.
  • Game List:
    The other interesting feature is the game list option in which players can select a game of their choice from the folder. The folder contains 15 lists and each list has almost 100 games in it. The game folder is previously available on the ps4, however, on ps5 they give you an option to create your own game library which helps the user in organizing their game shelf rather than scrolling and searching through the list.

Other Updates:

  • Remote Play and Share Screen:
    In the virtual world of gaming, playing alone sounds boring sometimes. Therefore, Playstation took an initiative and in its new console, one can send a request to their friend to join the game by sharing the screen. A notification pops up on the screen when the friend accepts the invitation and starts playing the game.
  • Compare 3D Audio and Stereo Audio:
    The console gives you the option of both 3D and stereo audio. One can compare both the options directly on the screen and then can select the most required option. This option is a good addition because the sound choice varies with individuals.
  • Voice Search
    Playstation now responds to your voice and works according to your voice commands. One can do anything, anything means literally anything. It can be opening a particular game, going back to the home screen, controlling volume, wanting to open the setting option, and making a call. Just command through your voice in the controller mic or in the headset microphone and the ps5 will never disappoint you.
  • Access to other apps
    Moreover, while playing a game one does not have to detach themselves from other applications because the ps5 has an option of youtube, zoom, making voice calls, texting, and many other options for social networking.

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