Here is a keyboard compatible with all LEGO!

There is a new keyboard in the market named “The Pixel” developed by MelGeek. This is a Lego-Compatible Mechanical Keyboard that allows next-level customization. The Lego keyboard can be used with one’s own Lego brick which is the very first on the market.


MelGeek is a rising brand usually known for its next-generation mechanical keyboards. The company has made different revolutionary products including many stunning mechanical keyboards along with other technology stuff which includes some data cables, microfiber cloths, and mouse pads. Although the company has made many interesting products which definitely include its mechanical keyboards, it is mostly known for its best-performing product, a mechanical keyboard named MOJO 68.

lego keyboard keycaps

MOJO 68:

You definitely have heard of this masterpiece. Mojo 68 is the best mechanical keyboard so far if we consider its built quality and its spectacular design. This is actually very convenient for users and it is one of the basic reasons that people loved it so much. Mojo 68 is actually the product that took MelGeek into the market. It has a typing-friendly interface which is also beneficial for gamers. The clicking sound is actually very pleasing and its customizability makes it even more attractive for users. Another reason for the popularity of Mojo 68 is its very reasonable price.


Whenever we hear about Lego-Compatible Mechanical Keyboard, the first thing that comes to mind is customization. The whole plot behind the mechanical keyboard is its allowance to users that they can customize it however and whenever they want. This is where The Pixel comes from. Although it is not officially a Lego product but is compatible with most Lego products you might have had since your childhood. In case you don’t have any Lego products, don’t worry, the Keyboard package also includes a bunch of customizing Lego keyboard bricks that can be used to form your desired keyboard look.

Although each keycap has a stud beneath it, you can still customize Lego keyboard keycaps in the way you wish. Along with Lego customization, you can also customize it the way we customize general mechanical keyboards.

Price and availability:

Although it is not available now, you can still pre-order it for $1 for a total of $199. Or else you can buy it when it is available for its full price which is said to be $269.

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