What is Web 3.0? How this Evolution of Internet will Change our Lives?

After the launching of the fourth and fifth generations of the internet, the internet has become very fast. Everything is on your tips of fingers. You can search for anything using different search platforms. With advanced technologies on the internet, the search process has also become very fast. Websites have to be very quick and their bandwidth should be according to the requirements.

Many improvements have been made to meet these requirements. The most recent improvement made to fasten the network technology is:

Web 3.0:

It is the most advanced internet technology that holds AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, and blockchain technology to connect people all around the world. The basic technology behind these systems makes possible a new level of communication.

Due to the Evolution of the Internet, when a user searches for something, this web technology helps the user to obtain correct and most relevant answers. Using this technology many tech Service providers are making very big profits from user data.

What is web 3.0

What is the web 3.0 definition? 

The main web 3.0 definition is, that it is the third loop of internet technology that enables data to interconnect in a scattered manner to give a quick & Customize user experience. It’s based on bitcoin software using Artificial Intelligence (Known as Factom). It allows users’ data to be easily shared across one or more computers at a time. The feature is only possible with this new form of computing. It has very deep security as well. The network maintains 21 million identities but can increase those over time due to both mining power improvements. Users are given a 1% ownership stake per day via using bitcoin wallet addresses.


How all three web technologies are different from each other?

To reach the current web we have to go through 2 websites initially. Let’s find out their difference:

  • Web 1.0 allows users to only read the information given on the website. This means that it is a read-only web.
  • Web 2.0 allows users to read and write on the website or application, meaning it is a read-write website.
  • Web 3.0 enables users to read-write and interchange wrote content, which could be graphics on websites.

Web 3.0 Key features

Features of 3.0 Web 

o Unlocked

o Suspicious

o Without any permission

o Universal

1- This Web is unlocked and open for everyone in the sense, that it is developed by an open and accessible community of developers. It gives full visibility to users.

2- Users in this network are free & can interact publicly as well as locally/Privately. They are not at risk at all, that’s why Suspicious data. 

3- It enables users and providers, to interact without any permission from the related organisation. 

4- We can access the internet any time and from anywhere due to the Evolution of the Internet. The time will come soon when devices connected to the internet will be limitless to computers and smartphones. This quality makes this network Universal.

How fast web 3.0 is?

Why Web3?

There were many disadvantages of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. These networks were comparatively slow, not too much accurate, and also not gave great access to the end-users to interact with written content. These problems were reported by a lot of users.

To overcome these issues and to make the network faster this Web network was introduced in 2006 by John Markoff.

After the introduction of this Web Network, people can now read-write, and interact with data on the website including 3D Graphics.


Latest website technology. web 3.0

How does this Web Network work?

Unlike others, the working of this web is different. It is a decentralised network, which means that it has no centralised database where all the data is stored. It operates on the blockchain concept, which is a decentralised state machine that situates intelligent contracts. If anyone wants to construct a blockchain application, it is needed to install their application code on the shared machine.

Some Advantages of Web3

  • High-Quality Services
  • Control on data
  • Data Privacy 
  • Lucidity
  • Limitless Manifesto 
  • Open share data

The article concludes that Web3 has made the network very fast and open. It is only possible due to the evolution of the internet. Many lives are been changed through this evolution. It has fastened the speed of searching, providing the developer chance of earning and many more.

It appears that although a lot of companies still use old, slow protocols (such as CSP or TCP), we are witnessing an explosion now against them- even those from traditional industries like advertising, media, etc. 

All these websites will make it much easier for people to get more information on their respective products very quickly. Some big Internet service providers are also been making huge investments.

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