Opensea Market Place – How This Platform Helps to Deal NFT in Pakistan?

Everyone nowadays is finding new & fruitful ways to earn money in this era of the digital globe. For Sure, there are many rewarding ways to earn money digitally. One of the traditional and old ways to earn money is trading and selling things. Some of you will be curious about these terms and wonder how these terms are connected with digital earning? Because trading and selling have been done by some “Traditional Manual” ways throughout the year in the whole world.

We all know that we are living in the 21st century and it has improved and digitalised human beings in many different ways. In the process of digitalisation, everyone has become more advance in every aspect of life and trying to invent new and interesting ways to earn money digitally. One of the newest ways of earning money in this way is making, selling, buying, or trading NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). In this way a make and trade NFTs using some marketing platforms and sell these tokens further to make coins.

Open-sea Marketing platform is one of these Marketing platforms. This is built on the technology of NFTs and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The users on this platform interact and communicate with each other using smart contracts. This interaction is very significant because everyone can connect directly to deal digital assets on this platform.

Amazingly there is no ban on NFT marketing Platforms in Pakistan and everyone capable of thinking and showing his/her creative abilities can make money using different platforms or just simply can trade NFTs using these platforms.

Q. What does NFT is why and it is called so?

As discussed earlier the full form of NFT is a Non-Fungible Token which is a digital asset based on cryptographic technology. They run on a blockchain with unmatchable identification codes hiding in their metadata that make them different from any other NFT because every token has its unique code.

NFT is called NFT because there present some unmatchable data behind every single artwork which is non-Interchangeable, this concept makes a proof of ownership.

Q. Open sea and Opensea NFT?

It is an online platform for trading digital assets and it describes itself as being the biggest Marketplace for digital assets, it offers a vast range of these assets which includes Art, virtual worlds, trading cards, and Music.

Q. How can one make an NFT coin and how much is it worth?

You can make NFT coins using skills of thinking and creativity. All you have to do is just to put these creative abilities in some artwork, music, video, and GIFs and they will be your digital assets. After generating all of your assets you can deal with these assets using some marketing platforms. In different marketing platforms, the worth of a coin depends upon the quality of work you have done.

Q. Does NFTs and crypto are same?

The answer is no, only similarity between these two is just the kind of programming or concept they are built on. The very big difference between these two is that crypto currencies are “Fungible” which means they can be traded or exchanged for one another. But on the other hand, NFTs are Non-Fungible and they cannot be traded or exchanged for one another.

Q. what is the future of NFTs in Pakistan?

Pakistan is making some rapid progress in the industry of digital assets, unlike other countries, Pakistan is backing the country’s most talented digital artists. According to some sources, the market of digital assets surged to 41 billion USD in the previous year (2021) which was too in the COVID-19 situation, now it is expected that its value will be higher in the current year. Pakistan and the digital artists of Pakistan could hopefully get many benefits from these marketing values.

Q. How can Open Sea Marketplace be helpful to deal with NFT in Pakistan?

Pakistan is becoming an advanced digital country at a very fast pace. There are many talented and skillful digital artists in Pakistan. They are very much aware of the concept of these digital tokens. They can put their creativity into many things like artworks, music, videos, Games, and GIFs and can make coins to deal further. They just need the right platform to deal with NFTs and this marketing platform can be helpful for them to do so.

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