Is Hunt Showdown Cross-Platform in 2022? [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5]

HUNT SHOWDOWN: About the Game

This video game has been causing a stir in the gaming world. This is a first-person shooter game that has a horror theme and multiplayer. On February 20, 2018, the game was made available on Steam. Before proceeding, we must know about this video game first!

The developers of Crysis created HUNT SHOWDOWN, a first-person, PvP bounty-hunting game with significant PvE components. It takes place in the Deep South of the United States in the late 1800s, pitting two or three player teams against one another as they attempt to defeat strong monsters for money. 

If you enjoy competitive shooters, monster hunting games, or survival games, you should check out HUNT SHOWDOWN, a unique game that mixes the greatest components of numerous distinct genres. This is a tonne of fun and highly recommended for game lovers.

The gameplay of HUNT SHOWDOWN blends first-person shooting and survival horror. The environment is just as harmful as the other players, so you’ll need to employ all of your skills if you want to live. The game is played on a range of various maps, each of which has its own obstacles and perils.

The game’s CROSS-PLATFORM compatibility has raised some debate, though. Here in this article, we will examine whether this video game is cross-play between platforms in 2022. The popularity of games has demonstrated the value of CROSS-PLATFORM play. For gamers, cross-playing is a significant deal. They can play with their friends regardless of the system they are using.


There is some platform compatibility with this video game. This indicates that while you can play with other platform users, not all platforms are supported. Only PlayStation and Xbox users are able to play together; PC users are unable to play with either device. You must currently use the same platform as your friends in order to hunt with them, though this may change in the future so it can be good news for game lovers. Maybe they can enjoy it with their friends on other platforms if the game gets a crossplay feature soon.

Here we are highlighting some drawbacks of this game for not being CROSS-PLATFORM as below;

  • The fact that it could be more difficult to locate a match is one of the main drawbacks. You’ll probably only be paired with players who are also using that platform if you just play on that one platform. Finding a match can be challenging as a result, particularly if you’re attempting to play with pals who are using other platforms.
  • The possibility of an imbalance between the platforms is another drawback of HUNT SHOWDOWN not being cross-play compatible. There may be more players on one platform if it is much more well-liked than the other, which could cause the game to become unbalanced.

Here we are shedding some light on IS HUNT SHOWDOWN CROSS-PLATFORM between multiple platforms:

  • Between PS5 and Xbox One: Here is the big yes that the game supports cross-play between Xbox One and PS5, so you can play with pals on either system.
  • Between Xbox Series X/S and PS4: The Xbox Series X/S and PS4 are both compatible with the game. This implies that you can play with pals who own the game on Xbox Series X or S if you have it on the PS4.
  • Between PS5 and PS4: This video game is compatible with PS4 and PS5. On these platforms, you can play and enjoy the game with your friends.
  • Between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One: The video game is CROSS-PLATFORM  compatible between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/St. If you and your friends are both logged into the same Microsoft account, you can play together regardless of the consoles they are using.

But What About Other Platforms: Unfortunately, this video game is not crossplay compatible between platforms including Android and Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4, Stadia and Linux, and macOS and PC.

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