Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform in 2022? [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5]

You must all be aware of cross-platform gaming and its growing appeal to gamers if you play video games. Despite the fact that cross-platform gaming is still a relatively new technology, experts agree that ultimately more and more video games will support it. Here in this blog, we will discuss one of the popular video games Far Cry 6, and its update regarding cross-playing features.

FAR CRY 6- Overview:

The game was released in March 2021 last year and it has become one of the most appealing games for game lovers. It is something very interesting for gamers to know about the updated features of this video game. Since Ubisoft revealed this video game earlier last year, it has been a while since we’ve seen a new Far Cry game. Players in the first-person shooter Far Cry will assume the character of guerrilla soldier Dani Rojas, who is battling against the oppressive ruler Anton Castillo in the fictional nation of Yara.

FAR CRY 6 has always been an action-adventure first-person shooter that emphasizes providing players the freedom to handle every situation however they see appropriate.


Consequently, cross-playing games enable players to engage in multiplayer gaming across a variety of platforms. In order to succeed, games need to be cross-platform. Gamers want to be able to play with their pals regardless of the console they are using since the gaming world has grown more dispersed. Sadly, not every game is cross-playing compatible.


Game lovers are excited to know that this video game is compatible for crossplay in 2022, but unfortunately, it does not support many platforms. It is showing that one can only play the game on the system for which he/she paid for it. So, if you purchased it for a PC,  then you can only play this game with  PC gamers. The same holds for individuals who buy this game for the PS 4 or Xbox One. The fact that you can’t play with your friends from other platforms, however this game supports cross-progression.

This can be changed in the near future. According to Ubisoft, FAR CRY 6 crossplay is being “explored.” in terms of having potential. Therefore, no worries! they are at least thinking about it.

What Will be the Advantages:

There will be numerous benefits if FAR CRY 6 is cross-play compatible, including:

  • The main benefit is that it would enable players to play with their pals regardless of the console they are using. For instance, you could still play with your pal if he or she has an Xbox One and you have a PlayStation.
  • The game’s user base would rise as a result of this video game becoming CROSS-PLATFORM. The game would be accessible to more people, which would result in a more lively and active community. For any online game, this is always a positive development.
  • For the developers of FAR CRY 6, cross-play capability has some benefits as well. It would enable them to market their game to a larger audience.

Cross-Playing between Platforms:

You can play with friends who own a different model of the same console or computer. This implies that if you have a PS4, you can play with those who have FAR CRY 6 installed on both a PS5 and a PS4. This is also for Xbox and PC. Here we are discussing below that IS FAR CRY 6 is a CROSS-PLATFORM between multiple platforms or not.

Between PS4 and PS5: Both platforms support playing the game. The game can be started on a PlayStation 4 and continued on a PlayStation 5. Someone using a PS5 can join your game while you’re on a PS4 and play without any issues.

Between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One: This game is crossplay capable between both platforms. No matter which system you choose, you may continue playing FAR CRY 6 and carry over your saved game progress.
Despite all this, the video game does not support CROSS-PLATFORM capability between multiple platforms including Stadia and PC, PS5/PS4 and PC, Linux and Xbox One, and also between Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

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